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Evolution Gaming is a leading developer of live games for online casino. He represents a type of Hold'em that involves a live dealer called Casino Hold'em. This type of poker is suitable for participants who have any bankroll (bets start with a minimum number and reach thousands).

With the development of modern technology world famous card game poker is now available in virtual space. With the closure of the real halls of poker you can play at any time of day and night at our online casino by Coduca88.

What is Casino Hold'em

This is a five-card poker broadcast live by the world leader. Broadcast in high quality from excellent studios. The game is played by professional dealers who are at real gaming tables. The high quality of the game is guaranteed by the frequent change of croupier, due to which the emergence of errors that may arise due to human factor is minimal.

What is Casino Hold'em coduca88

Taking into account the fact that real cards participate in Hold'em Evolution, there is no HF (random number generator). The result of the game is directly influenced by the random number generator. For each hand a new card deck (consists of 52 cards) is used. It is shuffled by a special shuffle - machine. Before starting to give cards, the deck is additionally cut by the dealer.

The main distinguishing feature is the availability of Jumbo 7 Jackpot. With its help each participant has an opportunity to break a huge jackpot (progressive). The size of the jackpot is shown on the right side of the dealer.

The game is adapted for all operating systems, mobile devices, and desktop PCs. There are 2 interfaces on the desktop devices. In the settings the gamer selects the most convenient. Landscape orientation is available for mobile devices. In the upper right corner there is a menu:

  • of sound;

  • a chat room;

  • of the option settings;

  • betting history;

  • help (reference).

You can launch Hold'em Evolution right on your browser's game page. Due to the fact that this type of poker is broadcast from the studio, it can be played simultaneously by hundreds of participants. In this case, they do not fight with each other, and the competition is conducted with the dealer. Performing the entrance, the player sees how many participants are already present in the game. In addition, you can see the sum of the input balance.

Wager varieties

To start the gameplay participant must make a bet. Chips are selected in the menu. Bets are made on 4 - x fields.

  1. Initial bid or Ante. Its size is determined by the participant himself. It is limited only by the limit of the gaming table.

  2. Optional bet or Bonus. Can be executed together with Ante, plays only the first 5 - ti cards. When a pair of Aces or higher combinations is dropped, the winnings are paid.

  3. Jumbo 7 Jackpot Bet. It's a progressive jackpot bet. Payout rules are indicated below the current prize value. To get a huge win it is necessary to have a seven card street - Flash. In addition, there are other payment options.

  4. Call bet. It's made when you hand out cards.

>Wager varieties coduca88

The main winning combinations include flash, street flash, grand piano flash, full house, carre. In addition to them in each type of betting there are additional winning combinations, on which the payments are made. For each payout there is a different coefficient. As soon as each payout ends, on the left side there is a list of winning players. The prize money is also published here. More detailed information about Hold'em Evolution, features of the gameplay, can be found in our online casino.

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