Baccarat- how to play

Baccarat is a card game with large money stakes, which used to be popular in aristocratic circles. Today players are presented a simplified version of the game. Gamers from all over the world organize competitions online, and the popularity of the game is growing every day.

With the closure of real gaming rooms, baccarat became available at the casino online. Try your luck to get a big win on our site by Coduca88.

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The main purpose of baccarat is to make combinations using two or three maps. In total, they must give a number of points equal to or close to nine. The traditional version involves a player taking or giving up a third card.

Game Features

The modern version presented at online casinos is based on the variant of the game "mini - baccarat" (another name of "Punto - banco"). Here the gamer plays against the institution. Each card has a different value.

  1. When an Ace falls out, the player gets one point.

  2. Cards from two to nine have a face value similar to each number.

  3. When taking a king, lady, jack, dozens of players do not get points (pieces equal to zero).

If a gamer has gained 10 or more points, 10 is deducted from the gained amount and the balance is written to the account and is counted when the result is counted.

Bakkara online casino coduca88

Different bets, game principle

Baccarat card game involves three types of bets. There is a special field for each of them.

  1. Field "Player" or Punto (Player). Its calculation is one-to-one (bet on the success of the gamer).

  2. Bank field (banco). The calculation is made in the proportion 19 to 20. There is also a one-to-one calculation option, minus a commission of 5%. This bet is for the dealer's winnings.

  3. (Tie) Draw. Calculated in a ratio of 8 to 1. In some cases, casinos can bet 9 to 1. The bet assumes the coincidence of points on the hands of the dealer and the player.

Before handing out the cards, the player makes a bet (minimum, maximum). After that, the dealer hands himself and the player two cards each. If the player receives a natural combination (eight - nine points from two cards), the cards of the gamer and the dealer are compared and the winner is determined. If the gambler has scored less than 6 points, the dealer hands him the third card.

After that, according to the established game rules, cards are bought by the dealer. They are defined by the card which is bought by the player:

  • if the gembler does not take a third card, the dealer does not take it either (except if the player has six or fewer points);

  • if the croupier has two or less points, they take the card;

  • if the dealer scores three points, he only takes the card if the gembler doesn't have an eight;

  • when the dealer receives 4 - x points, he will take a card if the player has no cards of zero, eight, nine or one point;

  • If the dealer has scored 5 points, he can only collect a card if the player does not have a four, five, six or seven point card;

  • if the croupier scores six points and the player doesn't have a card of six, seven points, then the dealer takes the card.

The results of the croupier and the gembler are then compared. The winner will be the one who scores more points in the combination. If the same amount of points are lost, a draw will be announced. In the future, the dealer will make payments (if any), collect cards and continue the game.

How to play Bakkara online casino coduca88

During the gameplay is supposed to use different strategies. The most popular strategies include Donald - Nathanson, Martingale, others.

Which affects the rules of the game.

Baccarat is divided into several varieties. There are American and other versions. The game rules are different based on:

  • the number of game decks (can be from one to eight);

  • distribution rules, buying cards;

  • number of players (there can be up to 14 participants);

  • other factors.

The winnings are paid out of bets or the bank. Play the famous card game in our online casino can both beginners and experienced players.

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