The Spinomenal tournament

Dear community! We are glad to inform you that at Online casino Coduca88 has been started the greatest tournament from the Spinomenal provider. Who can take a part? How many prize places? What is the prize fund? You will find all answers in this article.

What is the duration of the tournament?

This tournament is worldwide, it means that it holds in all available countries, that's why to compete for the first place will be even more interesting. Competitions consist of 2 rounds. The first tour starts 14th of September and finishes on 22 September 2021. The duration of the second round is from 23 of September to 04 of October. As we already mention the tournament is held in 2 parts and the common prize fund is 40 000 eur, which will divide between 2 tours (20 000 eur each ones).

How will the prizes be distributed?

The tournament is international it means that there will be a lot of participants. But do not be discouraged ahead of time, because there are as many as 150 prizes in this tournament! The distribution of cash prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st place - 3.500 euros;
  • 2nd place - 2,500 euros;
  • 3rd place - 1.500 euros;
  • 4th place - 1,000 euros;
  • 5th place - 850 euros;
  • 6th place - 750 euros;
  • 7th place - 600 euros;
  • 8th place - 350 euros;
  • 9th place - 300 euros;
  • 10th place - 250 euros;
  • from 11th to 20th place - each player will receive 200 euros;
  • from 21st to 30th place - each player will receive 150 euros;
  • from 31st to 40th place - each player will receive 80 euros;
  • from 41st to 50th place - each player will receive 60 euros;
  • from 51st to 100th place - each player will receive 40 euros;
  • from 101 to 150 places - each player will receive 30 euros.

How will points be awarded in the first round?

In the first round, you can only play and collect points in the following games: OktoberSpinFest, Beer Collection 10 Lines, Beer Collection 40 Lines. Play any of these games and earn points. For each win in these games, you will receive 1 point, depending on your bet. For example, you made a bet - 1 euro, and won 10 euro, so you get 10 points. All your earned points will be added up throughout the entire tournament period. The more points you earn, the higher your place in the standings, which means the more your winnings will be!

How will the points be awarded in the second round?

In the second round, you can only play and collect points in these games: Spinning Beers, Beer Collection 20 Lines, Beer Collection 30 Lines. Play any of these games and earn points. Each time the "Beer" symbol appears in your game reel, you will be awarded 1 point. For example, if you have 3 beer symbols after a spin in the reel, you will be awarded 3 points. All your earned points will be added up throughout the entire tournament period. The more points you earn, the higher your place in the standings, which means the more your winnings will be!

General tournament rules

Before participating in the tournament, read the rules for participation:

  • The tournament can only participate, play and earn points in games for real money.
  • The minimum bet per spin to participate in the tournament is € 0.5. If the minimum bet amount is not available, it will be rounded to the nearest available bet amount in the game.
  • All amounts in the game are displayed in the currency of your country.
  • No additional deposits or other taxes are required to participate in the tournament.
  • If you play slots that participate in the tournament, then you will automatically be registered in the tournament.
  • Spinomenal is responsible for paying prizes within 72 hours of the publication of the tournament results.
  • All prizes will be paid in the currency of your country.
  • The leaderboard is updated every 4 minutes (in extreme cases, the update may take more than 4 minutes).
  • Each player will receive a personal number in the standings.
  • The leaderboard will include the players with the most points during the tournament.
  • If two or more players score the same number of points at the end of the tournament, the player who first scores that number of points will receive a higher ranking.
  • Prizes to players with cryptocurrency will be paid in euros.
  • Tournament rules, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of Spinomenal.
  • Winnings from free spins received by the player from an online casino or activated by a promotional code do not count towards this tournament.
  • By participating in this tournament, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions set by the online casino where this tournament is hosted.
  • Spinomenal reserves the right to suspend the tournament at any time indefinitely, as well as suspend the payment of winnings to the winners, due to technical problems or if fraud is detected in the tournament.
  • Spinomenal will publish the list of winners after the end of the tournament on the website:

How to participate in the tournament?

  1. When you start a game that participates in a tournament, you will see the following message:
  2. Information message Information message Information message
    Image 1. Information message
  3. In games belonging to a tournament, there is an information header at the top of the screen that informs that this game is participating in the tournament:
  4. Information header Information header Information header
    Image 2. Information header
  5. When you click on the [I] icon in the information header, a window appears with several tabs: Rules are the rules of the tournament, Prizes are the prizes, Leaderboard is the tournament table.You can switch between them, the tab you are on is highlighted in green:
  6. информационное сообщение Navigating the information header Navigating the information header
    Image 3. Navigating the information header
  7. The Leaderboard tab is the leaderboard. To find out your place in the tournament, you need to go to the table and see the field highlighted in green, where your place in the tournament is indicated, as well as: player ID, number of points and possible winnings.
  8. Leaderboard Tab Leaderboard Tab Leaderboard Tab
    Image 4. Leaderboard Tab
  9. To see the standings right away, just click on the cup image in the right corner of the information header:
  10. Tournament table Tournament table Tournament table
    Image 5. Tournament table

The CODUCA88 online casino team wishes you all the best in this fall's best tournament!

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