Promotion: Bring a friend

Briefly about the referral program

Bring friends and get 10% of the amount of their deposits made to your account. Do you want to know how to do it? Read below.

What is a referral link for?

Participation in the referral program gives you the opportunity to receive bonuses for attracting other users.

After you register in any service, you can receive your personal referral link if this service has a referral program through which you can invite your friends or acquaintances. If your invited friends fulfill all the necessary conditions, then you will receive an incentive for each brought person, which is indicated in the referral program.

At CODUCA88 online casino you will receive 10% of the deposits of each referred friend for life!

What is a referral link?

A referral link is a link with a unique identifier to a site belonging to one single user, which is called a “referrer”. Such links contain a unique set of symbols, signs and numbers that belong to the same user.

What is a referral?

A referral is a member of the affiliate program registered by another user's link. For example, you register on the site, and the system provides you with a unique link with an identifier.

The user who follows it and registers in the service will be your referral.

Referral program at CODUCA88 online casino

Each player of the CODUCA88 online casino can use the referral system to attract other players (friends, acquaintances, or place their referral link on their personal website) and earn money on this.

Attraction is carried out using a special link, which can be obtained in your personal account or in the support service of our online casino. If you go to your personal account, you will see your personal referral link where you can invite your friends. Image 1 shows exactly where your personal referral link is located:

Personal account Personal account Personal account
Image 1. Personal account

You can send the link to any number of users. The more participants you attract, the higher your earnings will be. If you invite 1 friend who makes an average of 5 deposits per week in the amount of 150 MYR (which is exactly how much, according to our statistics, any active player makes on average), then you will receive 150 MYR (10% of the amount of deposits). If the number of attracted friends is higher, say 5 or even 10, then your earnings will also grow.

Just imagine, you get money just for bringing active players. But that's not all. You receive income from deposits of your referrals LIFE, i.e. even if the player makes a deposit after a year, you will receive your share! This can only happen at CODUCA88 online casino.

Terms of referral program at CODUCA88 online casino

When registering using a referral link, the player who registered (it is called a "referral") will be assigned to the one who posted this link (it is called a "referrer") and after a while he will begin to receive 10% of the deposits of the player he attracted for life.

To receive 10% of the deposits of the referred friends, you must:

  • that you have one or more successful payments;
  • that your amount of deposits is at least $ 10 at the time of participation in the referral program;
  • Your account must have been created more than 1 week ago;
  • You must make at least one deposit per month (for any amount).

In what cases you will not be able to participate and receive bonuses under the referral program:

  • if your referred friends are registered from the same device (computer, mobile phone or tablet) as your account;
  • if your account is less than one week old;
  • if you do not make at least one deposit per month;
  • if the currency of the friends you invited does not match your currency;
  • by the decision of the administration.

You may not be able to withdraw money if you are doing it on a professional basis. To attract referrals on a professional basis, you should use our affiliate program.

What benefits do you get if you participate in the referral program?

The community of players is friendly and interesting, attracting your friends and acquaintances, you, first of all, open up for them the opportunity to become a part of this community. Referrals, like all other players, receive bonuses and cashbacks, have the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes and tournaments and win real money. You, in turn, will receive a lifetime income from each deposit made by them (10%). The average player makes at least 4-6 deposits weekly. If the player is lucky, then the number of deposits can reach 10 -12, and the amount may exceed one million soums. And 10% of them are yours. As we already wrote, you can withdraw this money immediately after receiving it into your account, you do not need to wager it. No pitfalls. Recruit new players and earn income for it with CODUCA88.

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