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Game type: lottery
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Maximum amount:
Play for bonus: no
Play online 88 Bingo 88

lottery Bingo 88

Today, fans of gambling favorite slot machines that were previously present in land casinos, are available at online casino. In the virtual space, gamers can play as on the classic slots, and learn new things. One of the popular slot machines is Bingo.

Game from Belatra has an intuitive interface, simple game rules, the idea of 88 Bingo 88 is different from the classic online slots. In addition, it is a colorful, stylish game with an unexpected design. There are no drums - just numbers and balls.

It should be noted that the player can get a significant win thanks to the presence in the slot super jackpot «Wheel of Fortune». To get acquainted with the game you can use the free version of the game in our online casino, which you can play without having to register by clicking on the link Сoduca88.

How to play?

Even for beginners who have never played online casino in Bingo 88, the slot rules will be clear and simple. The game starts by clicking the «start button», which starts a random number generator. Pseudo-random number generator gives the gamer 30 balls, each with a number (each number is unique, and it is not repeated in one game).

88 Bingo Cdc88au

The player has four cards, located in front of him on the virtual gaming table, each of which has a number. In case of falling out of a ball with such number, which is on one of the cards, or on several cards, the number on the ball becomes dark color. If the falling out numbers are a winning combination, the numbers have a strip of red. The number that is not enough to make up a winning combination is marked in yellow.

At the top of the screen displays winning combinations. At the end of the main game, the gamer is offered to buy for a certain price (the price is indicated on the screen), an additional ball. It should be noted that in addition, the player has the opportunity to buy no more than 14 balls. He can also take the winnings, refusing to buy additional balls.

Bingo 88 has a «magic ball» that can sometimes fall out for the gamer. The falling out of this ball gives the player the opportunity to choose any of the numbers, allowing to make a winning combination. The player independently determines the number of cards that can be on the game table (from one to four). To disable the card in the upper right corner of the screen should click on the «cross", but it should be remembered that the more cards involved in the game, the bet will be higher and the probability to get a winning combination is greater.

What other features are present in online slot 88 Bingo 88

The game has additional features that allow you to increase the winning amounts. Bonus is a special surprise for the luckiest gamers, who managed to collect the older combination. The ancient Chinese mascot for the player will be played the winnings multiplier - multiplying from two to five.

What is the wheel of fortune?

Refers to a unique development from Belatra. The presence of this bonus (it falls out for each player) allows you to get additional winnings. You only need to play and accumulate JP points for each of the drum spins. The more denomination of the game slot, as well as higher bet, the player will get more bonus points for one spin. After the gamer will accumulate 2000 points, it is automatically transferred to the jackpot, which consists of two stages.

The first «wheel of fortune» offers a grand prize in the form of a transition to the big wheel, on which the jackpot grand prize will be played. The peculiarity of this bonus («Wheel of Fortune»).The player can get not only the main prize, but also an additional number of JP points, as well as the opportunity to multiply the number of points in the next games.

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