What are bingo games?

Bingo - one of the most exciting and exciting games, which has conquered fans of slot machines around the world. You can play it at the casino online by clicking on the link Сoduca88. It has simple rules, so even an inexperienced player will have no problem learning to play it. The game starts by pressing the «start» button, which starts a random number generator. A distinctive feature of the bingo game - the gamer does not need to remember complex strategies and rules. Its essence is to drop out numbers randomly, with the player strikethrough them on game cards (tickets). The win goes to the player who crossed out first all the necessary numbers in a certain row, scheme, or who closed the whole game ticket.

Based on this, we can conclude that a gamer playing Bingo has no way to increase his chances of winning, but still there are certain strategies to make the gameplay more exciting.

Bingo game options on the Internet

The online version of Bingo, presented in our online casino, has exactly the same rules as the traditional game. The only difference is that in the virtual space represented games in several versions, which differ from each other in the number of balls involved in the game.

British version

The 90-ball version of Bingo suggests using tickets with 9 vertical and 3 horizontal rows.

Online Bingo slots cdc88au

It consists of three stages:

  1. The first stage is a game on the same line. The card will be won when the player closes all 5 numbers located in any horizontal row.

  2. In the second stage, the gamer plays on two lines. To get the winnings should close all the numbers on 2 any rows of the game card.

  3. The third stage, the final one is a full house game. To win in this round the player must be the first to close all 15 numbers of the card. 

This version of Bingo is distributed in such countries as Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is known to gamers in the former Soviet Union as the bingo.

US version

This version of Bingo is popular with players from other countries. The game involves 75 balls, as well as playing cards, the grid of which consists of 5x5 cells. 

Online Bingo slots How to play Cdc88au

The combination is considered to be a winning one if all the numbers coincided on vertical, horizontal lines or diagonally. Also, the winning will be if all the numbers coincided on the proposed template. Thanks to this configuration of the grid, it is possible to use all possible templates (diagrams), and they are more than three hundred species.

There is also Bingo, which involves 80 balls. This version is analogy with the game of 75 balls with 16 cells (4x4 markup). Today, players can play games that have a progressive jackpot. In it, the size of the main prize is increased in each draw, which in the end can bring the player a significant amount of prize money. In addition to the progressive jackpots, players can try their luck by taking advantage of the «anniversary game» which involves an increase in the Pot, Bingo with special prizes, deposit bonuses, without deposit bonuses.

Popular Bingo game - a clear interface, colorful stylish animation. For beginners, only familiar with online slots, offered a free demo version of Bingo, where you can read the terms of the game, without having to register. For more experienced gamers have the opportunity to play the real game for money. Familiarize yourself with each of the versions, try your luck and get a big win, you can at our online casino.


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