History of roulette

Roulette - a gambling game that has gained popularity among gamers around the world. In translation, the word means "little wheel." There is no exact information about when this gamble arose. But it is known that there was roulette in ancient times. With the closure of real gaming rooms, roulette became available in virtual space. Both beginners and experienced professionals can try their luck at our online casino by Coduca88. We offer players a variety of roulette options, allowing them to choose the type of roulette that is most interesting for the user.

The predecessors of modern roulette games such as:

  • Italian "biribi."

  • English "role-poly," "even-nothing."

They heard about roulette in Paris in the 18th century. During this period, the popularity of roulette increased significantly, the game became widespread in the New World. Under a regulation issued by Canada in 1758, roulette and other gambling was banned in the French colonies. During the Great French Revolution, all establishments where gambling was conducted in the country were destroyed. But they got a second life during the reign of Napoleon. Casino taxes were the source of additional revenue for the budget.

Who introduced roulette to the world

roulette was organized in specially existing gambling establishments (they were also called gambling houses). The rules of the game provided for the receipt of substantial profits to those who performed the function of the casino. Winnings to the treasury of institutions came from roulette sectors "Zero" and "Double Zero" located on the drum.

The founders of the casino, roulette in France are two brothers - Francois and Louis Blanc. They were the first to remove the Double Zero from the playing field. This led to a decline in gambling house profits. Despite this, the popularity of roulette among visitors to the casino has increased significantly. It was the brothers who came up with the order of numbers on the wheel. In the same form, it came to our time.

During the next ban on gambling to which France was subjected (in 1837), gambling establishments were moved by entrepreneurs to neighboring Germany. A few years later, the first casino was opened in Monaco. Roulette also became popular in America, where the peak coincided with the California gold rush (it began in 1848). Today roulette is available at our online casino anywhere in the world.

Types of roulette

In the New World, roulette game rules have been changed, and the changed rules are still there today. This has led to the fact that modern roulette has several varieties.

History of roulette coduca88

American roulette

Its distinctive feature is the presence on the playing field of two sectors - "zero" and "double zero". In addition, in American roulette rates are divided into two types - external and internal. In American roulette playing field for placing chips (bets), compared with the European version, a smaller size.

French roulette

French roulette differs significantly from the American, European version. First of all, the bets falling on the sector "zero", losing. Second, the maximum increase in the bet is 35. In addition, playing French roulette, you should remember the rules of En Prison, La Partage.

History of roulette casino coduca88

European roulette

In European roulette there is one sector of "zero" (highlighted in green). There are 37 cells on the wheel in a chaotic order, half of which are red and the second part is black.

History of roulette online casino coduca88

Despite the constant prohibitions, roulette has always been popular. Existing in the shadows of gambling business, always brought a lot of profit. Due to the fact that roulette captures the player completely, it was awarded the title of "Casino Queen". Try your luck, getting a huge win or stay with nothing, in the casino came quite famous people. Fans of roulette at the time were famous writers, politicians and artists. Nowadays, in our online casino roulette is available to all users without exception.

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