Variety of roulette at online casinos

The most popular among gambling fans has won roulette. With the closure of the real gaming rooms, it became available in online space. Today gamers have several options for roulette. Each of them has differences, which allows the player to choose the most interesting option roulette. You can view each version in detail at our online casino by coduca.

Different roulette varieties

Among the huge variety of online slots, the most popular are three types of roulette - French, American and European.

Features of French online roulette

French Roulette is different from other online roulettes available at our online casino, with a number of features that include availability:

  • internal bets on multiple rooms;

  • of the green-green sector;

  • 37 sectors of the playing field;

  • 10 are the types of basic bets.

Also playing French roulette, players have the opportunity to make oral bets. Compared to the American, European version of French roulette, bets falling on the "zero" sector are lost. The maximum bet increase is 35. In this version, the En Prison (equal odds) La Partage rules apply, which the player should keep in mind.

Variety of roulette at online casinos Coduca

Features of American online roulette

American Roulette is a real find for players who like to take risks. It consists of a betting field, a wheel. Apart from the zero sector, there is also a double zero sector in this version. From the European version of American roulette differs in the presence of numbers from 1 to 36, simple game rules. 

Variety of roulette Coduca

American Roulette has a Surrender rule. The essence of this rule is that if a ball falls out on a zero or double zero sector, the player receives a refund of 50 percent (half) of the original bet. This rule applies if 

there's a bet on:

  • red/black sector;

  • small/large, even/odd numbers.

American roulette bets are divided into two types.

  1. The outside. These include bets on numbers (small, large, even, odd), on red/black, on columns, dozens. With more modest payouts, they are successful much more often, so they are preferred by most gamers.

  2. Inner. These include 1, 2, 4 numbers or 6 numbers, three sectors, two rows of transverse. They are more risky, but their payout ratio is more generous. The internal rates are much higher than the external ones.

There are no oral bets on American Roulette. Bets are paid from the lowest to the highest (in ascending order).

Features of European online roulette

European roulette assumes the presence on the wheel of 37 - mesh cells, which are placed chaotically. One part of the rooms are red, the other part is black. Sector "zero" is green. Unlike the American version, where there is not only a sector "zero", but "double zero", in the European version it is only one. As well as in the American Roulette, this version has external and internal rates.

Variety of roulette casino Coduca

European roulette has several distinctive features.

  1. Involvement of price tokens of a gambling establishment.

  2. Equal odds bets are similar to the French version.

  3. Payment of bets in European roulette does not start with the minimum, but with a larger value.

Common to these three main types of roulette is that if the bet is played, the gamer will win. If the bet is lost, it is in the gambling house's favor.

In addition to European, French, American roulette, there are also other, not so well-known versions. You can get acquainted with each online slot in our online casino. To learn the rules, choose the most appropriate strategy, gamers have a demo - versions of each roulette.

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