Learn to play & win slots like the pro you want to be

Your beginner’s guide

Looking for quick & easy ways for make extra cash? Play for fun, could do that. Through having fun making good cash, you could be playing online casino. This is a brief intro on how you could go about it. Slot machines are the most popular gambling games, whether playing live at a casino near you or online. Because of the large number of slot machines at your disposal, you’ll have a better than even chance of winning.

The slot machine

The actual machine has a set of rotating reels with pictures or symbols included. These are all arranged in a set of combinations. And these determine whether you will win or lose at the next push of the button. 

You’ll need to pay a fixed amount of money before a slot rotation can proceed. The amount of money you pay towards the rotation determines how much you could possibly win. The objective is to arrive at a winning combination. Not so easy to do, however.

Play with different types of machines

Here is a brief analysis of the three primary machines you’ll be playing with.

  • Classic slot machine – Also known as the one-armed bandit, these machines only have three reels and one game line. Since this game’s inception, fruits have been utilized as the games core theme.

  • Video slot machine – The virtual game usually has five reels. A larger roll of lines that can go as high as one thousand accompany the large number of symbols that make up the combinations.

  • Progressive slots – Play this game once you’ve had enough experience and have been winning consistently. Because these video games give you the potential to pot millions of dollars. It goes without saying that you’ll be spending a lot more to stand such a chance. 

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The Online Slot – How it all looks

So, the old saying may apply. If you want to make money, you have to spend money. Anyhow, let’s break down how the actual game looks in front of you. Also, this section introduces you to the terms/tools in use.

  • Drum – This main element is a rotating disk with allocated symbols.

  • Symbols – These are printed on the drum tape. On the first reel there could be as many as thirty characters. Reel two could go up to thirty-six, and so forth.

  • Game lines – These will determine your winning combinations. In its simplest determination, the winning combination arises out of the same symbols lined in the first place of all rotating reels. The player will have a winning opportunity from dozens of lines.

  • Coinage – You are required to choose the rate of coins to be allocated per betting line. You can increase or decrease the rates of value per coin at your disposal.

  • Betting levels – These will be done in terms of the coins at your disposal as well as the total bet per spin. Don’t expect the betting level to change simply by increasing the value of coins.

  • Maximum bets – You are able to set a maximum bet on your playing lines. But in order to do so, you’ll have to increase the value of your coins.

  • Rotations – Your rotating button will usually be located at the center of the game menu. Using this button, you can launch a separate spin or rotation to respond to your selected bet.

  • Auto-play – You have this classic option to spin the slot without your input and play the game at a faster rate.

Typical features of slot machine games

While many of the virtual games will have unique features, they all appear to have universal features typical to the original blackjack game. For instance, there will always be bonus symbols at your disposal, amongst which include ‘wild’ and ‘scatter’. Your typical slot game will also be gifting you with free spins.

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