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Play online Sic Bo Macau

Sic Bo Macau

Sic Bo Macau by BGAMING is very popular among gambling enthusiasts. This is a classic game with dice, which is a Chinese version of kreps. It is similar to roulette. Today Sic Bo Macau is available at our online casino, which you can visit at Coduca88.

Sik Bo Macau is available as a free demo version and can also be played for real money.

slot Sic Bo Macau coduca88

The huge popularity of the game due to its simplicity. In this case, it uses a variety of multiplications, allowing players to tear down the jackpot, which may exceed the rate as much as 120 times. For the player is almost unlimited options for biking. On this basis, "Sick Bo" is suitable not only for experienced professional players, but also for most beginners.

Rules of the Game

Game rules are divided into several levels.

  1. The first level is a bet made by the gamer. It can be random, or it can be selected according to the selected strategy.

  2. The second level - assumes a draw with a subsequent simulation of the fallout of 3 - x hexagonal cubes.

  3. Step three. It determines the winning fields based on the values of cubes (at least five of them).

The fields for bets are varied due to the fact that the Sik Bo dice can fall out in 216 variants. Thanks to this, the player always has something to bet on.

If a player prefers to minimize the risks, it is possible to bet on "more/lower". It is also possible to close most of the numbers from 1 to 6.

A good option is to cover the most popular amounts of 3 - x cubes, which will result in a sixfold increase of 9, 10, 22, 12. At the same time, the probability of winning will be just under 70%.

If a player prefers to play with a strategy choice, the "double choice" fields are selected with a small coefficient. They can be marked at once 2 values of cubes from 3 - x. In this case, the multiplication of the bet will be five times. When selecting two identical cubes of 3 - x, in case the drawing is successful, the multiplication will be ten times.

For the most gambling and risky players in the Sik Bo provides for a multiplication of 60 times (at the extremes of 4 and 17). There is also a multiplication of 180 times (a successful bet on 3 selected equal cubes).

It should be noted that the draw is based on the luck of the player, and it is impossible to predict the result. A player can increase his chances of winning if he prefers to bet with low payouts - Big and Small.

slot game Sic Bo Macau coduca88

Gaming bets

Users playing online slot can get the impression that the game involves a complex format. In fact, the gaming table has a fairly simple layout. It is divided into 7 lines, on which you can make bets. 

Single Dice Bet

This type of bets from one to six will win one to one if a cube with the same number falls out, two to one if two falls out, three to one if three falls out.

Dice Combinations

If this combination drops out, the payout will be six to one. To do that, the gamer must guess one of the pairs of numbers.

Specific Double (Double)

This bet will be paid as eleven to one if the same number of the selected number falls on two cubes from one to six.

Specific Triples

The Triplet of one room bet will bring a maximum of one hundred and eighty to one.

Any Triple

This Triplet has a lower coefficient (31 to 1).

Big and Small

Low payouts "big/small" are like regular roulette bets "big/small". They will bring a one-to-one payout. The difference is the range of numbers (small starts 4 to 10, big starts from 11 to 17). According to special rules, like the numbers 18/3, any triplet will lead to a loss.

Three Dice Total

The bet is for a certain amount.

In the online slot Sic Bo in one round of the gamer's throw can not be limited to just one bet. But you should remember that you can't go beyond the limit set by the online casino.

Learn about the game in our online casino without making real bets, you can use the free demo version.

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