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Game type: slots
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Play for bonus: yes
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Colorful Review of "Fruit Cocktail" Game

Here is a sampled online review of the online casino-themed game Fruit Cocktail. After this brief review is done and dusted, you might want to give this game a tryout. This online game is billed as one of the pioneers of the casino universe. It is also billed amongst the top online casino games that actually pay players their dividends. The game went online owing to its popularity amongst regular casino visitors the world over. Those who are not ready to spend can also play free versions of the game.

The Slots and its symbols

The main theme to this game is, of course, fruit. But more important for discerning gamers is the fact that the game is chockful of no frills gaming functions. The game is described as a classic one of risks. Every new win going forward has the potential to be double the previous win. Alongside of a bonus game, a high-quality gameplay is introduced.  The actual playing machine is of a classic design. Each fruit has its own significance. For instance, the strawberry that smiles and winks is an indication that a quick win is imminent. The game’s interface has soft colors and cool graphics. Buttons on the taskbar are in odd numbers. 

It's a numbers game

These are the only numbers that the player will be using to play the game. Below these numbers are buttons for placing actual bets and maximum bets. Those who still need to learn how to play Fruit Cocktail will be using a button on the left hand side of the machine. Push this button and a window containing detailed information about the game opens up. Learning how to play the game should pose no challenges because the rules of the game are actually quite simple. For instance, before initiating the rotation of the reels via the Start button, the number of lines to be launched still need to be set.

Fruit Cocktail

Rules of the game & the winning combination

Each combination won presents the player with a fresh opportunity to increase his winning stakes. But playing at a higher risk level, he now has to double the amount he bet at the earlier stage. Apart from the excitement of the risk, there is always the surprise element. Because no one really knows what lies underneath those cards. Or do they? Only skill and experience will tell. A potential win could double five times over. 

Not one, but three smiling strawberries could be lifting you to another level. Three reels spin. Fruits scatters. Once the reel stops spinning, lights go up. And in a single moment, a light could stop in one of the cells. If a fruity symbol corresponds with one of the reel symbols, the original bet placed could be multiplied a few times over.

What the classic slot machine looks like

The game design is simple and non-invasive. It can be safe as houses because no money needs to change hands. As a game of skill as well as chance, this game could be used as an educational learning tool. These days, customers or fans no longer need to fill out registration forms. This is a game that crosses generations. Just like Dad taking his daughter to see the latest instalment of Star Wars, Mom is entertaining junior in the kitchen with yet another firm display of the fruity loops. But with little or nothing to show for it. Oh well! It is, after all, still only a game. Losing is not the end of the world. 

But be careful how you play out there.

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