These could be your top four games for the month

This short online review samples four top ranked games in the form of Fortune Lions, 888 Dragons, Book of Pyramids and the traditional Asian game, Sic Bo which you could be playing tonight.

Conventional online casino games could be so ploddingly boring. Potentially more exciting is the double thrill of being chased by lions or dragons while always standing a chance to win money along the way. Folks have an opportunity here of becoming lion tamers. Or slaying dragons. They could delve into the mystery of the pyramids while searching for their pot of gold. Or they can always keep it traditional by turning to Sic Bo online. Finally, it’s clear to see that all your top games for this month carry a distinctive Asian flavor in terms of cultural traditions and mythologies.

Fortune Lions

The Fortune Lions would be a case in point. The gaming screen is resplendent with golden bowls, jade statues, cherry blossoms, pagoda-roofed buildings and of course, lots of pots of gold. The dominant color is red. But softer background hues of pink offer a nice contrast, together with a variety of greens and golds. The game is generic but should hold appeal for new players across the world. A highlight of the game is a re-spinning feature, not to mention so-called scatter awards. High value symbols only need a couple of reels to give the player a chance to claim a prize.

Fortune Lions

888 Dragons

There’s a potential fortune to be made playing this game. It has a one-line video slot. It is being said that striking it lucky is just so easy when you’re striking the dragons. And that’s what you’ve got to do. In order to win you’ve got to hit dragons. Old school simplicity is the name of the game. No more than three iconic symbols are required on the reels. To do well at this game, read a couple of extensive reviews, study the rules and then give yourself a demonstration game.

888 Dragons

Book of Pyramids

The platform on which this game is played has guaranteed quick pay outs. New players will be given a one hundred percent welcome bonus. If you’re nervous about playing with your money or don’t have it to burn, you can always play the Pyramids for free. You don’t always need to fill out registration forms. And you certainly don’t need to do any downloading. But if you’re prepared to take a chance with the Pharaohs and the Eye of Rah, real money bets can net you over ten thousand dollars. The Book of Pyramids is now currently available on well over a hundred casino platforms around the world.

Book of Pyramids

Sic Bo

The game is ranked as one of the most popular still being played in Asia today. New players are given a welcome one hundred percent bonus. It originated in China and has been played over a period of thousands of years. The game is also known as Tai Sai, or Dai Siu, literally translated to mean big and small. But the literal meaning of Sic Bo is that of ‘precious dice’. The ancient game is best described as a game of chance played with not one but three dice. The games popularity has spread to the Western casinos thanks to the introductions made by Chinese immigrants.

Sic Bo

So, what do you make of this short review then? Do any of these Ancient games of chance pique your interest? Are you prepared to use your noodle to have a chance of winning or do you prefer having it easy in the gaming universe? First check the ancient Chinese calendar. Maybe this is your month.

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