Four of Top Asia Casino Games Being Played Today

Here’s a quick review of top-ranked online casino games being played by Asians. Give yourself a learning tour by beginning with these reviews before pushing any start buttons. 


This game is even more popular in the USA. Asians favor playing this game not so much that they have a greater chance of winning, but rather for the thrill of leaving everything up to fate. And of course, it is quite common amongst Asian cultures to have this belief in fate.

Easy game to play

Baccarat is easy to play and learn. Folks who are interested only in being reassured of a prescribed number of wins during their playing time should note, however, that Baccarat is not one of those games. Baccarat is largely a game of chance. 

How the game is played 

It’s a game of strategy. There are different kinds of Baccarat games to play. And attached to these different games will be different rules. For instance, big table Baccarat will not have a single dealer.

Game features

Dealing is shared amongst the players gathered around the table. Before being dealt a single card, the player simply must place a bet. Players don’t have to deal. This can be passed onto the next player. Only after a third card is dealt will winnings be paid while losers’ cards are collected. Bets are placed by declaring a tie, betting the bank or betting the player/s. game rules are simple. A game is played with eight card decks.

The Ace

The Ace is the highest valued card. And to score numbers will always range between zero and nine. In order for a third card to be dealt, the player or the bank must have a total of eight or nine.

Top Asia Casino Games


This is one of Asia’s cultural favorites. Instead of using cards, dominoes are. Instead of dealing cards, tiles are dealt. But before you can receive tiles you have to place your bet.

What happens after bets placed

After all bets are placed a dice is rolled to determine the dealer. After each round bets will usually be placed in conjunction with the number of tiles received. Each player will be dealt thirteen tiles face down. Turn the tiles face up and you start building a wall. You’ll want to start pairing them into sets of three tiles and four tiles. If a player is able to use a single tile to complete a winning hand, what does he do?

How the game is played

He declares; Mahjong! If a tile does not have win potential, it needs to be discarded in the middle of the table face up. During the course of the game, no player is allowed to have less or more than thirteen tiles to hand. Lucky number thirteen perhaps? For a player to snap up a discarded tile he needs to reveal to the others the set that it will complete. The first player to acquire a winning hand of fourteen tiles and declares Mahjong will be declared the game’s winner.

Game features

Mahjong requires each player to be attentive. Each player must be able to make quick decisions. 


This popular game combines the slots with the pinball machine. The original Japanese game used small metal balls. While the game has continued to enjoy numerous upgrades over the years, evolving to today’s digital versions, its traditional and original format continues to be enjoyed amongst so many fans at Asian casinos. The original game was played across a horizontal board. Holes were cut out. 

How the game is played

Once a person managed to get a ball to go through one of the holes or slots, he would receive a bouquet of sweet treats, soup, soap or tobacco. Small balls have to be shot across a vertical surface in the hope of reaching and entering one of the pockets on the board. When a ball lands in a hole, the slot machine side of the game comes alive.

Sic Bo

Finally, this game has been played for thousands of years amongst the Chinese. Today, it’s a big hit in casinos across the world. But the bet is that it will never be as popular as those games doing the rounds of the Asian casinos. 

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