1. How to register at CODUCA88?

In order to be able to fully participate in the casino on the website CODUCA88, you need to register. The process is quite easy and will take only a couple of minutes.
Click on the registration button in the upper right corner. When registering, fill out a small form and enter your personal data: e-mail or phone number, country, currency. 
You must confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you are familiar with the Terms and Conditions of our casino.
You will receive an email/text message with your username and password to your email/phone number. 
Use this data for authorization. After authorization, you can change your login and password.
Next, go to your personal cabinet to add more personal information. 
 If you need to change your password or login, you can do so in the "Edit profile" section.

2. What if I did not receive an SMS or email confirmation during registration?

If you specified an email, you should have received an email from CODUCA88. Therefore: - check if your mail details were entered correctly during registration, - check the spam folder, - request to send the confirmation email again

 If you specified a phone number, you should have received SMS from CODUCA888. Therefore: - check if the telephone number was entered correctly during registration, - check the spam folder, - request to send the confirmation message again. 
If these tips don't solve your issue, contact our service for more details.

3. Is there a welcome bonus for registering?

We are pleased to offer you a unique gift - No Deposit Bonus. It is a free bonus that allows you to play some games without depositing your own funds. 
You can use these bonuses on the website, which basically means you do not risk your own money in this situation.

4. How do I get No Deposit Bonus for registration?

The No Deposit Bonus is only available to users who registered their phone number. If you did not enter your phone number during registration, please go to your personal profile to enter your phone number.
 Click on the link "Choose the bonus" in your personal profile. In the bonuses section select the bonus "No Deposit Bonus" and press the button "Get Bonus" to activate it. 
After activation your bonus balance will be credited with the bonus amount in the appropriate currency, which can be used for slots games. The No Deposit Bonus can be received by any player, subject to the following basic conditions: - The player is registered and authorized on CODUCA88. - The player is not blocked and has no penalties from the site administration. - The player has not made any deposit and has no other bonus activated at the moment of receiving the No Deposit Bonus. - Each player can only receive 1 non-deposit bonus. - The player will not receive the No Deposit Bonus again in case of re-registration with a newly created account. - The player does not have duplicate accounts, which is verified by IP addresses and/or payment details. - The player registered via mobile phone and not via e-mail (i.e. it is not possible to get the bonus when registering via e-mail).

5. Is it possible to withdraw money from the No Deposit Bonus?

Bonus money cannot be withdrawn as soon as it is credited to your real money account. Only money that has been redeemed according to the rules can be withdrawn. If you have complied with your vager and have not violated any other requirements, the bonus money will be credited to your main account. A wager is the minimum betting amount for earning a bonus. Simply put, it is the amount that must be "wagged" in order to transfer funds from the bonus account to the main account. Example: You have a bonus of 10€ with an x50 wager. Accordingly, you must bet €500 before you can order a payout. Please note: betting on some of the games may not count towards your wager.

6. What to do if I didn't get the No Deposit Bonus after registration?

You may be denied the No Deposit Bonus in the following cases: - Your account is blocked and has penalties from the site administration. - At the moment of receiving the bonus you have made a deposit or have another bonus activated. - You're trying to get a non-deposit bonus for a second time - You're trying to get the bonus for a second time by signing up again from a newly created account.

7. How to deposit your account?

You can recharge your CODUCA88 account from both landline and mobile devices. Log in to your personal profile, find the "+ Deposit" button and click on it. Choose the payment system which you are going to use to make the deposit. Then, select the amount and payment details. Use the bank's instructions to complete the payment. If you have any issues concerning this, please contact our customer service [email protected]

8. What is verification and how to complete it?

Verification means that you provide proof of the personal data of a player to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided when registering an account. Verification is a one-time process and it can be done at the moment of the first withdrawal, or in advance. 
The verification process takes up to 4 days. To pass it you will need to prove your identity, address and payment method. 

More details about the verification process can be found here.

9. Is it safe to use my credit/debit card at CODUCA88?

Absolutely Yes. All credit/debit card details are stored on a secure server protected by the latest firewall systems. If you don’t feel safe using your card, you still have a great choice of other casino banking methods accepted by CODUCA88.

10. How to play in on-line casino CODUCA88?

CODUCA88 ramps up the action with an exciting selection of online casino games. Power up your PC, Android or iOS device and enjoy Slots, Roulette, Video Poker and Blackjack games to heart’s content. There’s no need to download any software – simply play direct off your browser using Flash. Our slots games and table games have a vacant seat with your name on it. Let’s get the show on the road! Play cool casino games - Roulette Roulette is a thrilling game that allows players to name their bet. Take your chips and place them either on a single number, a range of numbers, a color – red or black, or choose odds or evens. One bets are placed, the croupier starts the wheel spinning and drops the ball, where it will roll until the wheel stops. The number or color the ball settles on is the winning spot and winners are crowned accordingly. Play online casino games like Blackjack Blackjack is a one-on-one game of dealer vs. player for the total prize. The objective is to score as close to 21 points as possible without going over. Both the dealer and the player are dealt two cards. Players have the choice to ‘Hit’, or be dealt another card, or ‘Stand’, stay where they are. The dealer must keep hitting their cards until reaching a minimum of 17. Once both the player and dealer stand, the winner is the player with a total point value closer to 21 without busting, or exceeding 21. Amazing slot casino games at CODUCA88. The idea behind slots is to place your bets and spin the reels. Once the reels settle, winnings will be determined based on the payline and fee structure of the particular game. Many slot games also include special features such as bonuses, wild, scatters and freerolls, which can all help the player earn higher points and multiply winnings throughout the course of the game. Play exciting online video poker games. Ready to put your poker skills to the test? Play 5-card draw video poker games at 888casino NJ as you chase down monster hands like a Royal Flush, a Straight Flush, and 4 of a Kind. Each game features a unique set of rules and payouts. Play between 1 – 5 coins as you up the ante with this strategy-based casino card game.

11. How do I withdraw funds to my account?

Every player who is registered in an online casino dreams of that sweet moment when he will take back his money multiplied by at least 2 times. This is the moment when you can sum up and enjoy your winnings.

For these purposes, CODUCA88 casino provides an instant withdrawal of funds. Yes, the whole procedure may take a few seconds, but not more than a day from the moment of filing the application. However, the final time of making payments depends largely on the payment system chosen by you and the correctness of the personal data specified during registration. Be careful at all stages and you will have a 100% guarantee of receiving your reward.

Please note that the CODUCA88 casino administration reserves the right to refuse to pay of winnings if a player has violated the rules of the casino website:

  • if the player was a minor. If the user has overstated his age the security service will be forced to block his account without the possibility of recovery.
  • if the player has submitted false data such as first names, last names, home address, card details during registration, or other data that does not match the data in his document.
  • if the payout amount is greater than the set minimum payout amount or lower than the amount on the player's balance.
  • if a player was spotted cheating on their main balance.
  • user account verification is required according to the bonus policy of CODUCA88 casino.

CODUCA88 casino has limits on withdrawals which are:

  • minimum payout amount: 12 000 soums
  • maximum payout amount: 5 000 000 soums.

To perform withdrawals and make payments at CODUCA88 casino:

  1. Go to your personal account on the “Withdrawal” tab.
  2. Select the payment system through which you will make a withdrawal.
  3. Enter the amount for withdrawal. Also take into account the information regarding withdrawal limits.
  4. Enter your personal data to confirm the payment request (full name, date of birth, passport series and number, card number.

Then your application will be sent for consideration, and we will notify you by SMS to your phone number. The amount indicated in the application will be withdrawn from the account and frozen.

A withdrawal request may be rejected by the CODUCA88 casino administration without a refund to the player's balance due to the following reasons:

  • violations of CODUCA88 casino bonus policy
  • detection of the player in the fraud
  • using a forbidden game scheme.

The administration of CODUCA88 casino reserves the right to refuse to withdraw funds to a player without giving a reason.

A withdrawal request may be rejected by the CODUCA88 casino administration with a refund to the player's balance due to the reasons:

  • violations of CODUCA88 casino bonus policy;
  • the need to pass verification.

The administration of CODUCA88 casino reserves the right to refuse to withdraw funds to a player without giving a reason.

In case of successful consideration of the player's application, the funds will be credited to the player's account within 36 hours from the date of application confirmation.

Use the convenient service and get your winnings instantly without any commissions acting at the exchange of currencies.